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 Update BETA 1.2 27-Sep-2016

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PostSubject: Update BETA 1.2 27-Sep-2016   Thu Oct 06, 2016 11:23 am

- Updated Gamemode changes from world to world.
RPG World= Adventure
Towny = Survival

- Towny World is accesable for people above level 50
- Added a command /Towny to enter towny and a /warp!
- Fixed level requirement for /warp & /warps.
- RPG World is now not claimable for Towny.
- Added Chat tags for worlds to with custom colors etc.
To easly know where everyone is at!
- Optimized Towny chat tags in all worlds
- Added a command to check updates on PlanetMinecraft /updates
- Added links to /website, /forums, /vote etc.
- Added Permissions for towny for every group.

- Added Random spawns for the Towny World.
- Added Exclisive towny Gear for the random spawns in the Towny World.
  • Common-Uncommon-Rare-Legendary-Super Rare | These are the spawn rates how common the spawns are of these mobs (NOTE : ONLY IN THE TOWNY WORLD!)

- Added Custom levels for towny!
Most towny servers have maxed bonus levels for nations and towns, this server will
have as much people need! Everytime a town hits max we will put it even higher!!
- Where now in BETA 1.2!!

Everything thats underlined is done.
I will keep adding stuff to this message as much i can do today!
I will try to update the BETA version every day, even if i have todo it after work mid night!
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Update BETA 1.2 27-Sep-2016
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