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 Update BETA 1.1 04-Sep/07-Sep-2016

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PostSubject: Update BETA 1.1 04-Sep/07-Sep-2016   Thu Oct 06, 2016 11:20 am

- Made a spawn for tier3 (not done)
- Made a bossbar HP counter and also a message announcer.
- Removed Actionbar
- Where now hosting on a new ip but whitelisted!
The server is now online 24/7 for all staff.
- Removed old spawn, more space for builds
- Removed all OLD tier 1-2 Trees, pathways, lanterns etc
Will add custom tree's as soon i've made my new pathways and added thorns etc!

- Set global gamemode to Adventure Mode, Due bugs with Worldguard.
Where temporarly disabling pvp.
- We turned off Whitelist mode.
- Text changes & fixes

- Fixed bugs with /warp, fixed the freewarps!
- Global text fixes.
- Added a new hologram at spawn "Need help? Use /help to get started"
- Added a Party plugin for people to make parties with friends and won't be able to hit eachother!
- Parties are avalible from level 15!
- Disabled normal member ranks, a custom LevelCommands plugin will add permissions to the person who
levels to a certain level!
- 50% of Tier2 has been build. (Where re using Tier1 and 2 From the old server release)
Could be known by some people!
- Started development of the server website!
- Started working on a Voting system with rewards!
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Update BETA 1.1 04-Sep/07-Sep-2016
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