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 Update BETA 1.0 28-Aug/29-Aug-2016

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PostSubject: Update BETA 1.0 28-Aug/29-Aug-2016   Thu Oct 06, 2016 11:18 am

  • -Added Tier-1 Mobs, Items.
    -Fixed bugs with the items.
    -Added Repair signs, "unbreakable: true" makes items not spawnable.
    -Text Fixes (Chat, Holograms ect)
    -Added /starter, Gives a Tutorial book and a Starter sword.
    -Added /warp, /menu.
    -Added costs to warps.
    -Added a stafflist to /menu
    -Fixed the Stafflist added roles.
    -Added "MaxBans" Propper mute/warn/ban ect system!
    -AntiSwear has been added with 353 swear words!
    [Enlgish, Brittish, Scottish and dutch) Gonna update it everyday!
    -Added NoHunger
    -Added Combat Indicators, every hit it will show a hologram with how much you hit or healed for a small time!
    -Added Tablist, With a cool design, showing how much money you have, amount of players online etc. (I personally don't like to have a lot of things on my screen like a scoreboard ect, you just hit tab and it shows up easy!)
    -Added ClearLag, and customized its messages!
    -Text fixes: Essentials, Maxbans etc
    -Removed VoxelSniper
    -Added Plugman
    -Removed the free warps section, added it into the normal /warp or /warps one and made it all look cool and stuff! Name/Text will be updated or changed!
    -Made a Little cave spawn thing for the Grim Reaper Boss (Staffzone)
    -Added Grim Reaper First boss for the staffzone
    -Added drops for Grim Reaper
    -Fixed bugs with /warp and /warps
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Update BETA 1.0 28-Aug/29-Aug-2016
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